Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

Carlisle strives to provide every student with the opportunity to achieve at his/her highest level and to fully unlock the potential that lies within, as we prepare our students to become the leaders of tomorrow.

A challenging academic curriculum is at the core of what makes Carlisle School so rewarding. Students, from Pre-K through their senior year, are guided through discovery-based learning where textbooks are just the beginning of their learning experience. All lessons incorporate hands-on learning, whether it’s a field trip to our nation’s capital to learn about our government, or a group project and presentation to further explore lessons in science.

All graduates of Carlisle School are academically exceptional and are prepared for the next steps in their academic lives. It is a longstanding tradition at Carlisle, ever since the first graduating class of 1974, that 100% of our graduates are accepted into college. 

Explore to learn more about individual grade curriculums, extracurriculars, and the teachers.

  • Early Childhood Program
    • Provides child-centered learning that encourages collaboration while immersed in play-based activities.
    • Stresses holistic development in a nurturing, safe, and diverse environment
    • Fosters compassion, curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking through a multisensory approach
    • Provides a balanced curriculum which includes discovery-based learning and exploration, to promote kindergarten readiness.
    • Develops strong partnerships between students, teachers, and  parents
    • Encourages physical, mental, and social development in a combination of indoor and outdoor exploration.
    • Flexible scheduling to meet the developmental needs of every child
    • Fosters self-confidence and  enthusiasm for learning

  • Lower School Overview
    • Develops the “Whole Child” in a well-rounded, safe, and diverse environment
    • Promotes, through small class sizes, individual instruction, differentiation, critical thinking, and collaboration
    • Engages students through hands-on, project-based learning experiences, both on and off-campus which enhance and support academic instruction
    • Provides a digital learning environment creating a ubiquitous learning atmosphere
    • Fosters future leaders through fine arts performances, student government, and frequent public speaking opportunities.
    • Builds a solid foundation for a college preparatory experience
    • Demonstrates a collaborative working relationship between student-teacher-parent partnerships through effective communication tools and school activities
  • Middle School Overview
    • Students learn to collaborate with others to impact their learning.
    • Students are engaged through project-based learning and inquiry method
    • Students develop poise and confidence on stage through fine art performances and public speaking opportunities.
    • Our curriculum builds upon the foundation for a college prep experience
    • Over 3,000 books read each year by our middle school students
    • 13:1 Student/Teacher Ratio
  • Upper School Overview
    • 100% of the graduating class is accepted to a 4-year college/university.
    • Our top Upper School students perform in the 99th percentile on the SAT.
    • Over $3.2 million in scholarships were earned last year for a class of 28 students, or $116,002 scholarship dollars per student on average
    • 7:1 Student/Teacher Ratio
    • Carlisle School is an AP Capstone Diploma school — an innovative program wherein students develop research, collaboration, and communication skills.
    • 88% of AP students achieved a qualifying score of 3+ on AP exams in 2019.
    • Over 56% of AP Students earned AP Scholar with Distinction, AP Scholar with Honors, and AP Scholar in 2019 including one National AP Scholar in 2019.
    • Named among the “Best Independent Schools” by Virginia Living Magazine for the past 8 years. 
    • Named among the top 4,000 STEM High Schools in the nation and number 125 in Virginia.