Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

Carlisle School strives to provide every student with the opportunity to achieve at his/her highest level and to fully unlock the potential that lies within, as we prepare our students to become the leaders of tomorrow.

A challenging academic curriculum is at the core of what makes Carlisle School so rewarding. Students, from Preschool through their senior year, are guided through discovery-based learning where textbooks are just the beginning of their learning experience. All lessons incorporate hands-on learning, whether it’s a field trip to our nation’s capital to learn about our government, or a group project and presentation to further explore lessons in science.

All graduates of Carlisle School are academically exceptional and are prepared for the next steps in their academic lives. It is a longstanding tradition at Carlisle, ever since the first graduating class of 1974, that 100% of our graduates are accepted into college. 

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