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Thank you to our supporters!

Each gift to Carlisle School allows us to attract and retain faculty of the highest caliber and provides resources and professional development to energize teachers. Your gift also ensures the economic diversity of our student body allowing Carlisle to remain accessible to families across a full spectrum of backgrounds.

Please note that Annual Fund donors are tracked according to the below hierarchy, established by the National Association for Independent Schools (NAIS).

2021-2022 Carlisle Supporters

Over the years, Carlisle has produced more than 1,200 alumni who are smart, talented, and successful leaders. Now we are calling on our alumni to help share the Carlisle experience with future generations. Carlisle offers an exceptional education to students, and YOUR support makes that possible.

Ione Linker

Katherine Brandon Gordon - In Memory of Charles Cumiskey & Stephen Dashoff

Anne & Walker Poole

Catherine "Kate" Gibson*

Kathryn Frith**

Ainsley Johnston
Caroline Cain Rafferty

Jack & Caroline Johnston (Faculty)

*Denotes alums who donated to a restricted fund
**Denotes alums who donated to a restricted fund AND the annual fund

  • Deepak & Kim Banerjee (Faculty)
  • Joshua Bires-Grodensky & Jason Grodensky (Faculty)
  • Jacob & Sherri Coles (Faculty)
  • Darrin & Jennifer Doss
  • Joe & Lindsay Favero (Faculty)
  • Holden & Brittany Flynn
  • Will & Allison Inman
  • Frank & Neal Meyer (Faculty)
  • Christopher & Meredith Nicoletti (Faculty)
  • Anne Norman-Young (Faculty)
  • Amar & Amy Parikh (Faculty)
  • Lee & Katina Pettit (Faculty)
  • Andrew & Shannon Reynolds (Faculty)
  • Bradley & Hillary Robinson (Faculty)
  • Christopher & Monica Rogers (Faculty)
  • James & Shannon Spencer (Faculty)
  • John & Debra Sullivan (Faculty)
  • Jay & Jennifer Thomas (Board)
  • Casey Thompson (Faculty)
  • Eric & Laura Walker (Faculty)
  • Bill & Cindy Nease (Faculty)
  • Mike & Sue Washburn (Faculty)
  • Charles & Susan Aaron (Faculty)
  • John F. Edelen, Jr.
  • Scott & Tracy Guebert (Faculty)
  • Mark & Rhonda Kangas (Faculty)
  • Richard & Teresa Martin (Faculty)
  • Paul & Sherry Moschler (Faculty)
  • Will & Susan Pannill (Board)
  • Dean & Pam Randall
  • Jane Thomasson - In Honor of Pres Garrett (Class of 2004)
  • Travis & Christina Tisdale (Faculty)
  • Mark & Paula Warner (Faculty)

The following are faculty who are not listed in any of the previous categories.

  • Cynthia Anderson
  • Jaime Anderson
  • Juliana Carter
  • Lori Jones
  • Rhonda Lord
  • Lorelei Maney
  • Kari Shough
  • Paige Swanson
  • Sheana Wingfield
  • Ian & Alexandra O'Hare
  • Amazon Smile
  • Box Tops for Education
  • Gael & Smith Chaney Fund of Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia
  • Kroger Community Awards
  • Lands' End

This fund is named in memory of Elizabeth Lee Bridgforth, a class of 2002 Carlisle Alumna. Elizabeth was passionate about dance and theater and Carlisle School. We invite you to support her legacy with a charitable gift to enhance the performing arts at Carlisle.

  • Jim & Jane Eggleston
  • Kathryn Frith 
  • Jim & Ann Ozmer

Carlisle School is approved by the Virginia Department of Education to offer Virginia tax credits through the Educational Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit Program (EISTCP). Donors to the Carlisle School Scholarship Foundation provide financial aid through scholarships to students in need at Carlisle and other partner schools. 

  • Joshua Bires-Grodensky & Jason Grodensky
  • Catherine "Kate" Gibson
  • Eddie & Sheana Wingfield

Thank you to the following donors who have provided goods and/or services to Carlisle School.

  • Bacon Enterprises, Inc.

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Carlisle’s fiscal year runs from July to June. For more information on how to invest in Carlisle School, please contact the Development Office via email or call 276-632-7288 ext. 231.

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