Summer Reading

A Letter from Mrs. Guebert

Summer is nearly upon us and our minds are turning to pool parties, picnics at the beach, and summer sporting events. I hope that you are also looking forward to reading a great book while sunning on the beach, lazing in a deck chair, or cooling off under the shade of a leafy tree. Perhaps the shady tree is bit corny, but my hope that you are reading is sincere.

Reading is a skill and like all skills, it must be practiced in order to improve. You spend time in dance class, sports practices and music lessons to improve your performance in these areas. You should also spend time each day practicing reading to improve your comprehension, speed, and fluency. If you are looking for book ideas, please take a look at the recommended titles from the list below. The books you find on this list are just a fraction of the great reads that are available. Public libraries and book stores are also preparing for summer reading with enticing displays of recommended books. Check them out! Happy Reading!


Summer Reading Log and Assignment
Lower School Recommended Reading List