High academic expectations borne out by high academic achievement

  • All Carlisle students are required to take the SAT so our SAT averages include all students’ scores
  • For the past four years, the Carlisle senior SAT average has surpassed the National SAT average (for combined Critical Reading and Math scores) by at least 50 points
  • For 2013, Carlisle seniors surpassed the national average by over 100 points: Carlisle 1117 and National 1010
  • For 2013, Carlisle seniors also surpassed the Virginia state average: Carlisle 1117 and Virginia 1030
  • Carlisle’s AP pass rate for students who took an AP exam and scored a 3 or higher has surpassed the global pass rate for the past three years
  • From 2005-2013, 34 students have earned the distinction of AP Scholar, 9 students were named AP Scholar with Honor and 11 students were named AP Scholar with Distinction
  • Carlisle’s IB average score by subject surpassed the global average score again this year
  • The overall passage rate for IB exams has steadily increased over the past four years from 73% to 88% for 2013 (an increase of 15% over the four years)
  • Since 2001, 94 of 97 IB Diploma candidates have earned the diploma

Outstanding record of college acceptances

  • Since the first graduating class, 100% of Carlisle graduates have been accepted to a four year college or university
  • For the past four years, the graduating class of seniors has amassed an average of over two million dollars a year in scholarship offers (with an average class size of 40)
  • Carlisle has had a finalist in the competition for Jefferson Scholar for the University of Virginia for the past three years and last year the nominee was selected as a Jefferson Scholar
  • College acceptances are from a variety of colleges and universities including, but not limited to:
    American, Brown, William and Mary, Columbia, Davidson, Duke, Fordham, Georgetown, Indiana, James Madison, NYU, UNC, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Rutgers, Stanford, SUNY, Syracuse, Alabama, UC-Berkley, UCLA, Georgia, Houston, Kansas, Kentucky, Miami, Michigan, Mississippi, Richmond, Tennessee, Virginia, W&L, Wisconsin, Washington, Vanderbilt, VCU, VA Tech, Wake Forest, and Yale