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Thank you to our supporters!

Each gift to Carlisle School allows us to attract and retain faculty of the highest caliber and provides resources and professional development to energize teachers. Your gift also ensures the economic diversity of our student body allowing Carlisle to remain accessible to families across a full spectrum of backgrounds

2020-2021 Annual Fund Donors

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations who have made unrestricted donations to support the Carlisle School Annual Fund for the 2020-2021 school year.  

Alumni Donors
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Parent Donors 

Deepak & Kim Banerjee (board)
Mark Barnard & Jennifer Ayers-Barnard
Tim & Diana Bowling
Steven & Laura Burdine
Wyoma Bryan & Michael Burton
Brad & Juliana Carter (faculty)
Jacob & Sherri Coles (faculty)
Castrese & Jennifer DiMaro
Darrin & Jennifer Doss (faculty)
Peyton Drane & Jake Dowdy (alum)
Ronnie & Susan Henderson
Mark & Rhonda Kangas (faculty)
Mark & Samantha Mahoney
Anna & James McClain (alums & board)
Frank & Neal Meyer (faculty)
Elizabeth Morgan (alum)
Sean & Donna Morrison
Amar & Amy Parikh (faculty)
Robert & Angela Parsons
Lee Probst (alum)
Ronald Probst
William & Shannon Reynolds (faculty)
Bradley & Hillary Robinson (faculty)
Christopher & Monica Rogers (faculty)
Penny Souther
Robin Spencer (faculty)
Catherine Tatum 
Jay & Jennifer Thomas (board)
Eric & Laura Walker (faculty)
Ronald & Jenny White 
Jett Wood
Kenan & Molly Wright (board)
Brian & Jessica Zagol

Student Donors

Hunter Doss  

Grandparent Donors 

Jeff & Sandra Adams
Louise Ayers
Larry & Kathy Barber
David & Shelley Bertram
David & Vicki Birkhimer
Donald & Marlene Blevins
Allen & Katherine Boaz
Dewey & Susan Burdine
Richard & Astrid Coles
Richard & Patricia Daniels
Jim Eggleston
John & Bonnie Favero
Chas & Phyllis Geramita
Frank & Cathy Guilfoyle
Al Jolly
Valerie Knight
Betsy Lynskey
Shana Ansong-Manu
Charlotte McClain
Jim & Susan Muehleck
Bobby & Deborah Parsons
Elaine Plaster
Doug & Lewis Riddle
Sandy & Ginny Sands 
James Satterfield
Deborah Schenck
Russell & Carolyn Scruggs
Janet Sechrest
Bill & Bonny Shelton
John Shroyer & Patricia Shultz 
Danny & Martha Smith
Mark & Robin Stephens
Dwight & Anne Stultz
Carol Teschke
Lee & Donna Turner
Bill & Sandra Vaughn
Candace Walker
Mike & Sue Washburn
Ronald & Nannie White
Dickens & Kate Wilkenson 
Mary Lynn Willis
Frank & Lee Wray
Elsie Wright
Peggy Young

Alum Parent Donors 

Charles & Susan Aaron (faculty)
Birdie Akers Bassett
John & Marcia Collins 
Linda Gibson (faculty)
Scott & Tracy Guebert (faculty)
Helen Hensley
Ran & Linda Isley
Dean & Mary Lewis Johnston (alum)
Mervyn & Virginia King
Richard & Teresa Martin (faculty)
Randy & Kathy McDaniel
Tim & Madelyn Meadows
David & Susan Morris (alum/board)
Paul & Sherry Moschler (faculty)
Dean & Pam Randall (faculty)
Phil Solomon & Catherine Resplandy
Chopper & Kim Snyder
Julie Thomas
Travis & Christina Tisdale (faculty)
Harrison & Beth Toms 
Ginger Wagoner

Faculty DonorsFaculty who are alumni or are parents to students or alums are listed among the Alumni, Parents, or Alum Parents.  

Gracie Agnew
Carla Johnson
Andrew Jones & Paige Swanson
Darrell & Lori Jones
Rhonda Lord
Lorelei Maney
Kari Shough

Friends of Carlisle

Damian Dydyn
Irving Groves, III
Elizabeth Lester

Businesses & Organizations

Amazon Smile
Bessemer Giving Fund
Gael and Smith Chaney Fund of Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia
Groves Chaney Foundation
Irving and Jett Groves Foundation
Kroger Community Rewards 
Lands’ End

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2020-2021 Financial Aid Matching Challenge

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations who have made donations to support the Carlisle School’s Financial Aid Fund for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Matthew & Angela Alderman
Barry & Tammy Bowles
Alex & Therese Craddock
Sherrie Donecker
Darrin & Jennifer Doss 
Jacob & Ashley Frith
Natalie Hidalgo-Lopez
Sean & Donna Morrison
Amar & Amy Parikh 
Manisha Patel
Dean & Pam Randall 
Danny & Martha Smith
Jay & Jennifer Thomas
Lee & Donna Turner
Will & Meredith Vaughn 
Jesse & Emily Wade
Ronald & Virginia White
Christina Williams
Kenan & Molly Wright

Bridgforth Fund for the Arts

Sherrie Donecker
Katherine Frith 
David & Justine Jones
James & Phyllis Spencer
Julie Thomas

Restricted Gift Donors

Alex & Therese Craddock
Scott & Tracy Guebert
The Hermes Family Foundation (Irma Smart, Tracy Tate, & Jeff Eastland)
The McClain Family
Irma Smart
Paul & Debbie Toms

In-Kind Donors

Ivey Gunn
Solid Stone Fabrics

Updated: 11/16/20

Carlisle’s fiscal year runs from July to June. Click here to see our donors from 2019-2020.

For more information on how to invest in Carlisle School, please contact the Development Office via email or call 276-632-7288 ext. 231.