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Distance Learning Week 3

This week we continue our look at Carlisle School's Distance Learning program in action. Read More

Spring Art Show Day Two

Today we are featuring an artist study and technique study by grades 4th and 3rd, plus a collection of acrylic paintings by our Upper... Read More

Spring Art Show Day One

Welcome to Carlisle's Spring Virtual Art Show. Today we are sharing an artist study, a style study, and technique study from grades 2nd, 5th,... Read More

Spring Virtual Art Show

In lieu of the traditional Carlisle Spring Art Show, we are hosting a virtual art show to celebrate accomplishments of our Art Appreciation students. Read More

Distance Learning Week 1

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Carlisle School is beginning a new chapter in education. Here are some highlights from our first week of... Read More

Distance Learning Week 2

We are back from Spring Break and here are a few highlights from our second week of distance learning. Students, faculty, and parents are... Read More

Letter from Mrs. Agnew

A letter from Mrs. Agnew regarding Carlisle's curriculum plan for at-home instruction.  Read More

Carlisle’s New Normal FAQ

There have been lots of questions in the air following Governor Northam's announcement this week to close public and private schools in Virginia. To... Read More

Third Grading Period Honor Roll

Report cards for the third grading period have been issued, and here are our honor roll students for this grading period.  Read More

Students Earn Roanoke College Fellowships

Olivia Aaron and Andrew Chitwood were recently accepted as Roanoke College Fellows to work in the areas of sustainability and service leadership.   Read More