Writing Contest Winners Announced

In the fall of 2019, students around the region were invited to participate in the Piedmont Area Reading Council’s (PARC) Young Writers Contest. Each participant could submit one original writing composed as part of a classroom writing project in one of the following categories: Short fiction (K-12), Dictated short fiction (K-1), Poetry (K-12), Dictated poetry (K-1), or Essay (Grades 4-12).

A panel of judges in Lynchburg reviewed student writing projects that made it to the regional level, and we are proud to announce that fourteen Carlisle School students were recognized for their writing skills. 

An awards ceremony was planned for early April but was canceled due to state COVID safety guidelines. Certificates have been mailed to each student, and these winners will also be recognized at the school in the fall.

Gus Wade: “Chicken” and Sally Vaughn: “The Two Best Friends”

Christian Nibblett: “The Magic Carpet” and Ada Tomer: “The Box”

Ava Burton: “Princess Sugar Plum” and Carson Spencer Clark: “The Adventures of Goldilocks the Goldfish”

Charlotte Burdine: “Lydia’s Fight for Normal” and Will Vaughn: “Water”

Abigail Branson: “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story” and Lillian Kate Turner: “Feelings”

Anika Banerjee: “How I felt again,” Rachel Adkins: “Betrayal and Revenge Stories,” and Naomi Tsehaye: “Time and Pain”

Zoe Craddock: “The Letter”


Carlisle School District Entries

Kindergarten – Fiction

  • Ford Eggleston
  • Sally Vaughn
  • Gus Wade

First Grade – Fiction

  • Malorie Gunn
  • Gray Muehleck
  • Christian Nibblett

Second Grade – Fiction

  • Allie Coles
  • Ada Tomer
  • Maddy Walker

Second Grade – Poetry

  • Will Anderson
  • Morgan Burton
  • Christopher Rogers

3rd Grade – Fiction

  • Sage Abercrombie
  • Ava Burton
  • Caden Spencer

4th Grade – Fiction 

  • Carson Spencer Clark
  • Rainer Stoyer
  • Abigail Sullivan

4th Grade – Poetry

  • London Norman

5th Grade – Fiction

  • Caselyn Alderman
  • Charlotte Burdine
  • Lucas Jordan

5th Grade – Essay

  • Abdullrahem Alfahd

6th Grade – Poetry

  • Cole Bryant
  • Dylan Spencer
  • Will Vaughn

7th Grade – Essay

  • Abigail Branson
  • Destiny Johnson
  • Lillian Sullivan

8th Grade – Poetry

  • Clinton Riggs
  • Victoria Shelton
  • Lorelei Zagol

9th Grade – Poetry

  • Lillian Kate Turner
  • Elizabeth Wright

10th Grade – Poetry

  • Rachel Adkins
  • Anika Banerjee
  • Naomi Tsehaye

10th Grade – Fiction

  • Zoe Craddock