Tournament of Verona

At the beginning of their study of Romeo and Juliet, Carlisle School’s 8th graders were placed into one of four houses: Capulet, Montague, Franciscian, Escalus. They have been earning points for their houses for several weeks by completing homework, participating in class, wearing house colors to English class, and participating in challenges.

Challenges have included writing a sonnet, recognizing quotes from Romeo and Juliet, and competing to recall facts about Shakespeare’s life. The Romeo and Juliet unit concluded with a Tournament of Verona day. Houses acted out a scene and events were held including a Shakespearean insult competition, a baking competition, relay races, and a dance-off for house points. All of the physical challenges were related to Romeo and Juliet in some way.

Additional points were given for optional activities such as constructing a model of The Globe theatre. Students have a final project to complete on their own to prove their knowledge of the play. Those will be presented on April 22, 2019. Students read, interpreted, and watched scenes from the play in class, but Mrs. Warner and Mrs. Nicoletti wanted a way to generate excitement about Shakespeare to show students that his language and play is still relatable to modern readers.