Spring Art Show Day Three

Welcome to day three of Carlisle’s Spring Virtual Art Show. If you missed day one or two, click the links to catch up. Today we are featuring an artist study by the 3rd grade, a technique study by our Middle School students, and a style study by Kindergarten. Click on each photo to enlarge the image and enjoy!

Louise Nevelson Inspired Wood Relief Sculptures

Our third-grade students learned about the life and work of American artist Louise Nevelson (1899-1988), who was known for her monumental, monochromatic, wooden wall pieces and outdoor sculptures. They each created a work of art by gluing wooden found objects onto a wooden base to create a relief sculpture. Later on, the students will paint their sculptures in monochromatic colors.

Pointillist Paintings

Middle School students in Mrs. Dashoff’s class studied the technique of pointillism. This technique, developed in 1886 by Georges Seurat and Paul Signacuses small, distinct dots of color, applied in patterns to form an image.

MS Parents – Ask your child to identify their work. Send us the row (top, bottom ) and column (A, B, C), and we’ll include their name in the caption. 

Still Life

As part of our award-winning STEAM program, Kindergarten students combined science and art when they used Carlisle’s Tower Garden as a subject for drawing still life pictures. The students sat and drew their interpretation of the Tower Garden while also taking turns helping Mrs. Moschler and Mrs. Burkhart perform tower maintenance by refilling the water reservoir, checking pH levels, and monitoring plant growth. 

Update on the Tower Garden:
After the campus closed, Mrs. Burkhart and Mrs. Mocshler cleaned out the Tower Garden to keep it in good shape and ready for use again in the fall. Mrs. Burkhart wanted to share the following message with the school family.

“It was sad to take the Tower Garden down, but we did not want to leave it unattended through the extended closure. The spring plantings that were grown from seed by the students were doing great. I’ve taken the plants home and will try to keep them going in a regular garden setting. Wish me luck, and I’ll share photos of their growth soon!” 

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Please note: If your child’s artwork is not featured in the galleries, they might have been absent or ill on the particular day each group of photos was taken. We want to include all students, so please note that any omissions are not intentional.