Spring Art Show Day Four

Welcome to day four of Carlisle’s Spring Virtual Art Show. If you missed days one, two, or three, click the links to catch up. Today we are featuring an artist study by 2nd grade, a technique study by Middle School, a style study by 5th grade, and a STEAM themed art project by 1st grade.  Click on each photo to enlarge the image and enjoy!

Frida Kahlo Style Self-Portraits

Students in Mrs. Moschler’s second-grade art class studied the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (1907-1957), who was known for her many colorful portraits, self-portraits, and works inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico. Each student created a large self-portrait featuring an animal, as Kahlo did in many of her self-portraits.

Foil Art

Students in Mrs. Dashoff’s Middle School art class learned the technique of Foil Art to create colorful textured effects. Students wrapped string around cardboard to create various geometric shapes and then covered the patterns with aluminum foil. Filling in each form with color emphasized the 3D effect of the pieces.

Stained Glass Art

Students in Mrs. Moschler’s fifth-grade art class studied abstract art, enjoyed a video about the Washington Cathedral’s Stained Glass Windows, and saw a demonstration on how stained glass is created. They then used paper, glue, and oil pastels to create faux stained glass windows.

Non-Objective Art Collaborative Mural

First-grade students in Mrs. Moschler’s STEAM class spent several classes learning how to code Botley Robots with a series of instructions. Next, in their art class, they learned about non-objective art and coded Botley to maneuver around a large piece of paper on the floor.  Mrs. Moschler attached markers to Botley so that when he followed his program, he drew lines of color. These lessons were a great way to combine technology and art for students as part of Carlisle’s STEAM program. 

Visit us again tomorrow to see the final day of Carlisle’s Virtual Spring Art Show! 

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Please note: If your child’s artwork is not featured in the galleries, they might have been absent or ill on the particular day each group of photos was taken. We want to include all students, so please note that any omissions are not intentional.