Spelling Bee Winners Announced

Rainer Stoyer – School Champion

AXTON, VA (February 4, 2021) – Last week, Carlisle School hosted Spelling Bees for Lower School (grades 3-5) and Middle School (grades 6-8) students. Due to the pandemic, Scripps Spelling Bee created an online program for schools to test students individually. Carlisle School provides one-to-one iPads for each student, which allowed everyone an equal opportunity to participate in the spelling bee while maintaining safe social distancing.

The students used headphones to listen as a narrator recited grade-appropriate words. Then they typed the spelling for each word. Students were tested simultaneously, and the highest two scores for each grade were selected as classroom champions. The winners for each grade include: 

Grade 3: Bryce Martin of Callands and Christopher Rogers of Blairs
Grade 4:  Kendrick Hairston of Danville and Cedar Wade of Spencer
Grade 5:  London Norman of Martinsville and Rainer Stoyer of Providence
Grade 6:  Charlotte Burdine and Lucas Jordan, both of Eden
Grade 7:  Dareyon Bennett and Silas Zeidler, both of Danville
Grade 8:  Abby Branson and Destiny Johnson, both of Martinsville

The 12 classroom champions competed against one another in the school-wide spelling bee.  The first school-wide test ended in a three-way tie.  A second test was administered in which Rainer Stoyer achieved the highest score.  She will represent Carlisle School at the 2021 At-Large Regional Spelling Bee (Region 1) in February. Stoyer is the daughter of Shane and Katherine Stoyer of Providence, North Carolina, and has been a student at Carlisle since Kindergarten. 

According to Tracy Guebert, Carlisle School’s Librarian and Spelling Bee Coordinator, “We were very excited to learn the Scripp’s Spelling Bee was available in an online platform this year.  Many of our students look forward to our annual bee, and it was a relief to know that we could continue our tradition.  The online platform provided an opportunity for those students who are not as comfortable with public speaking to participate in a less stressful environment.”

Carlisle is enrolling new students for the 2021-2022 school year, and interested families can visit CarlisleSchool.org/tour to learn more.