Inclement Weather and Emergency Closing Policy

The decision to close school due to inclement weather is made as early as possible. The announcement of closing or delayed opening or other emergencies is carried over radio and television stations, sent out by the ParentPortal Alert System and posted on the Carlisle website. Television stations carrying announcements are WFMY-2, WDBJ-7, WSLS-10, and WSET-13. No announcement means that school is not canceled and is beginning at the regularly scheduled time.

If inclement weather arrives during the school day, students are expected to remain on campus until school officially closes. Parents who are concerned about driving conditions may pick their students up at any time. If a student is to drive home before the official closing of school, parents must call the relevant administrative assistant to give their permission. Any student leaving before the official closing of school must sign out with the relevant administrative assistant.

All administrative personnel and all staff (directors, administrative assistants, and registrar) are expected to conduct web-based responsibilities.

In the event of a non-weather-related EMERGENCY, the ParentPortal Alert System will be used to notify parents and employees of the closing of school.

Students in grade six through 12 are expected to check the ParentPortal Homework Pages and Google Classroom for each of their classes to participate in/complete class assignments on snow (inclement weather) closing days. Students in Grades K-5 will use snow packets that have been sent home.