Get To Know: Sherry Reynolds Moschler

Sherry MoschlerName: Sherry Reynolds Moschler

Title/Courses Taught: Currently the Lower Division Art Teacher, Pre-K 3 teacher, and Lower and Middle School Art Club Teacher for Martinsville Campus.

Previous Jobs and Experiences: Illustrator of 4 published children’s books written by my father Carl Reynolds; Store Manager, Decorator, Floral Designer for Amee’s Silk Garden and Interiors; Art Teacher for Hughes Memorial Home; Art Teacher for Woodlawn Academy; Set Design Teacher for Piedmont Regional Governor’s School

Year I Started Teaching: 1995

Year I Started at Carlisle: 2004

Education: 1994 graduate of Averett University with a B.A. in Art and K-12 teaching certification

Family: My husband is Paul Moschler. We will celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary in May 2016. We have two children – Lindsey (currently a junior at Carlisle) and Luke (currently an 8th grader at Carlisle).

Pets: 3 beagles and a boxer

Interests/Hobbies: Acrylic and watercolor painting, drawing, illustrating books, cooking, fishing, and spending time with my family.

Teaching Approach/Philosophy: I believe that all human beings have a creative and imaginative nature that should be nurtured and encouraged. Looking back through history, it is easy to see that. Even primitive men painted on cave walls, which allows us to have a glimpse of what their lives were like. Art is a vital key to unlocking creativity and imagination. Through Art, we can express our feelings, dreams and uniqueness in a way that is unlike any other. Art is truly a window to the soul! My love for art is something that I take great pleasure in sharing with my preschool and art students. My goal is to provide my students with a creative and exciting learning environment that fosters opportunities for self-expression and self-awareness. Whether it is creating alphabet and science-themed projects in preschool, learning about well-known artists and cultures, STEAM-based projects, building sculptures or exploring new art mediums, they are fulfilling that inner need to learn, explore and express their wonderful uniqueness. I love what I do and truly believe that creativity is a foundation for success in all areas of life.

Favorite Part of Teaching: Sharing in the moment and seeing my student’s smiling faces when they feel excited and proud of themselves for something they have learned or accomplished.

What I Hope My Students Learn: I hope that all of my students will learn that their imagination and creativity is such an important part of who they are and will provide them with much happiness and success throughout their lives.