Get To Know: Sarah Ginter

Sarah GinterName: Mrs. Sarah Ginter

Title/Courses Taught: Upper School Biology Teacher (Biology, Honors/DE Biology, AP/DE Biology, DE Anatomy & Physiology)

Year I Started Teaching: 2008 (college level)

Year I Started at Carlisle: Started teaching Middle School science at Carlisle in 2013. Started teaching in the Upper School in 2015.

Education: Bachelor of Science from Christopher Newport University (Biology major, Chemistry minor); Master of Science from Clemson University (Biological Sciences).

Family: Dustin Ginter (Husband); Mom, Dad, and Sisters still live in Fieldale.

Pets: Cats, Dogs, and 2 Horses.

Interests/Hobbies: beach, cruises, horses (and animals in general), and spending time with family and friends

Teaching Approach/Philosophy: My philosophy of teaching science is to help students develop an awareness, comprehension, and appreciation of the world around them. I feel that students should encounter science in a form that engages them in actively constructing ideas and explanations and enhances their opportunities to develop the skills of accomplishing science.

Favorite Part of Teaching: I love seeing the reactions of the students when I say we are going to do a lab. They always light up and get really excited. I also love sharing my experiences and knowledge with them and encouraging them to delve deeper into different subjects.

What I Hope My Students Learn: I hope that students come to realize and understand that science is all around us. I also want students to appreciate and value biological diversity and to leave my class with an increased sense of stewardship for the living world.