Get To Know: Mancino Craighead

Mancino CraigheadName: Mancino Anton Craighead

Title/Courses Taught: Physical Education Department Head/ Lower and Middle PE

Started Teaching: 2001

Started Teaching at Carlisle: 2004

Education: B.S in Physical Education/ M.S in Sports Management

Family: Married for 11 years to my lovely wife Takara, and we have two children, Tabitha and Nevaeh.

Pets: Dog named Lucky

Interests/Hobbies: Anything sports oriented, movies, traveling, spending time with family, church and I also love animals.

Teaching Approach/Philosophy: “Reach one, Teach one.” This is a personal teaching philosophy that I have used throughout my career. If I can just reach one student and teach him or her the right way of doing things in life, then I’m satisfied. I know I may not reach all of the youth in society, but If I can make an impact on just one of them, I feel as though my life is worth while.

Favorite Part of Teaching: Actually seeing the light bulb come on for a student. Sometimes it takes some longer than others but when it happens, that’s the most gratifying feeling that one can ever get.

What I Hope My Students Learn:I hope they learn that I’m a God-fearing man that loves and enjoys life and that I want nothing but the best for their present and future lives!!!