Get To Know: Linda Gibson

Linda-GibsonName: Linda Gibson

Title/Courses Taught: Chair, Social Studies Department; Teacher of Advanced Placement Modern European History, and 8th Grade Modern United States History. Previously taught Theory of Knowledge, International Baccalaureate; 6th Grade Ancient History; 7th Grade History of Art and Music

Started Teaching at Carlisle: 1988

Education: B.A. History, Wake Forest University

Family: Married to Noah F. Gibson, IV, MD, and two children Lydialyle Gibson and Catherine Gibson

Interests/Hobbies: Traveling, reading and gardening

Teaching Approach/Philosophy: In my 27 years at Carlisle School I have seen many transformations; sometimes students enter unfocused and unsure and then graduate as eager and mature scholars. Students who struggled over poetry, research papers and equations have become teachers, lawyers, business people, doctors, entertainers, writers, mothers and fathers. Often students become better people, mostly from the help of their families, but Carlisle works on character development, too. Many students have found that though we are small and far from cosmopolitan, you really can get anywhere from here.

The “pull factor” of working at Carlisle is our student body. Ralph Waldo Emerson said the first rule of education is “Respect the pupil” and addressing all the needs of one’s students is the manifestation of that respect. It is incumbent on teachers and staff to expect students not only to master a specific body of knowledge but to practice critical thinking and other habits of active learning that foster life-long intellectual inquiry. We must respect student individuality and self-image while encouraging them to reach for their personal bests through self-discipline and daring. Teaching is a high calling and the student is at the heart of it.