Carlisle Closes Danville Campus

Since Carlisle opened its elementary school campus in Danville in 2003, nearly 330 students have walked through its doors. The campus has been a wonderful asset in enrolling students outside of the Martinsville-Henry County area, and essentially paving the way for them to remain at Carlisle for their Middle and Upper School years.

Due to financial constraints, the Board of Trustees voted to consolidate operations on the Martinsville campus for school year 2018-19. A search for a more appropriate, affordable and financially viable site in Danville was conducted, but did not produce any prospects that made continued operation of the Danville campus feasible.

The goal is to merge the two campuses together – including students and faculty – to create a rich and varied learning environment for preschool through 12th grade.

“The efficiencies gained by merging two student bodies on the same campus are essential to the financial well-being of Carlisle School,” explained Head of School Tommy Hudgins. “Still, though, tuition dollars will not cover the cost of a Carlisle education, so we will continue to depend on the generosity of alumni, parents and friends to keep the school both viable and affordable.”

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