Flat Swanson Visits Students at Home

Pre-K3 instructor Paige Swanson loves connecting with her students each week via Zoom meetings but wanted a way to stay connected with the students throughout the week, in between their scheduled video meeting. Inspired by the Flat Stanley Project, she sent each student a Flat Swanson cutout to decorate and host. The students have loved showing Flat Swanson around their homes and doing fun activities with her.

Watch their story on WDBJ7 to see Pre-K3 student Cate Walker tell about all the fun she has had with Flat Swanson.

Swanson has worked diligently with parents throughout the past six-weeks of Distance Learning to ensure that families have access to engaging daily activities for the students. During each weekly Zoom meeting, the class recites the Pledge of Allegiance, reviews the days of the week, counts days in the month, discusses the weather, sings songs, and has an interactive lesson to continue their year of learning.

Parent Stephanie Sherrill said, “We have been so impressed by the Carlisle distance learning program. Our preschooler is so excited for Mondays when she can see her friends and teachers! Miss Swanson has gone above and beyond with the lesson planning and accessible technology. Our daughter was especially excited when she sent the library, music, and Spanish lessons too.” She added,  “Thank you so much for bringing some structure and fun to us during the chaos.”