Distance Learning Week 4

Following a long-weekend for Easter break, we continue our overview of Carlisle School’s Distance Learning program in action. If you missed Week 1, Week 2, or Week 3, click the links to catch up. Check back throughout the week as more photos are added to this page.

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What Our Parents Are Saying

“I am so appreciative of everything Miss Penprase & Mrs. Thompson are doing to educate my son during this time. This is a chaotic time for many people, and knowing that my son can have some sense of normalcy is wonderful. His teachers go above and beyond, not just for him but for each student. Thank you, teachers!” – Peyton Drane 

“Distance Learning has been very challenging for our family due to working from home while also helping our children with school. Mrs. Gunn and Mrs. Wingfield have gone above and beyond to help our family adjust to this difficult time. They are always there for us, even in the evenings when we sometimes still have work to do. We are very thankful for them and Carlisle’s support!” – Amanda Russell 

“The teachers and staff are doing such a great job during distance learning!  It’s not easy to do, but I’m so impressed with how well everything is going and all the material the kids are covering. I truly believe Carlisle is doing a tremendous job, making my homeschool life a lot easier!” – Jessica Zagol

“Prior to this, I was already thinking teachers were underpaid for what they do… now I know they need triple their pay. I greatly appreciate what you all are doing during this time. It is a night and day difference to what my friends in public schools are doing and I hope Carlisle adds distance learning to the new school year.” – Chevonya Brooks

Each week we are featuring comments from Carlisle parents on the impact of Distance Learning. We want to hear from YOU! Send your comments to Development@CarlisleSchool.org

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