Carlisle’s New Normal FAQ

There have been lots of questions in the air following Governor Northam’s announcement this week to close public and private schools in Virginia. To help guide our Carlisle Family through the difficult situation, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions that we have received. 

Q: How will you implement instruction plans?
A: Carlisle School continued instruction when the Governor first announced a mandatory two-week closing. At that time, students took all textbooks and workbooks home. We will continue our instructional days. These instructional days may include a wide range of learning experiences, including but not limited to educational videos, engaging in a virtual classroom using ZOOM, the Google Education Suite, Canvas, readings, written work, worksheets, app-based activities, activity packets, textbook assignments, interactive, and hands-on activities.

Q: Is there a private school requirement for accreditation work for your school? Does it have an hourly component? Will be waived, or will parents/caregivers be expected to log hours?
A: Carlisle School is accredited by SAIS. Like public schools of Virginia, we adhere to the Code of Virginia in terms of days/hours of instruction. Parents/caregivers will not be required to log hours. Teachers are working from home and are available to students for instruction as they would be during the regular school day.

Q: What is the plan for graduation?
A: Our seniors are currently scheduled to graduate on May 22.

Q: How does this affect college-bound kids? Will there still be some way of administering counseling for students that are going through that process?
A: Fortunately for us, we have an excellent College Counselor, Susan Aaron. All applications are in, and our seniors have been accepted to at least one college of their choice. Mrs. Aaron has been working with our seniors the entire time that we have had to resort to distance learning and has assured the students of her availability during these crucial times. She is making sure that they stay on task with completing scholarship applications, keeping them informed of new scholarship opportunities, discussing financial aid packages, preparing for Decision Day. She is fully prepared to process all scholarship applications that may come in during the mandated closure. In addition to posting helpful links, she will be meeting with her seniors individually at specific times through a virtual platform. Mrs. Aaron is also continuing with her counseling plans for our current juniors. There will be a “live” rising senior night during which she will begin to prepare them for success as a senior. A critical component of the junior early start plan will be SAT prep.

We encourage students and parents to check their email daily for updates from classroom teachers, and school-wide announcements will be shared via e-mail, on the COVID-19 info page here on our website, and on our social media channels.