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Welcome to the Carlisle School Alumni Directory. The purpose of this content is for peer-to-peer professional networking, and to allow current Carlisle juniors, seniors, and faculty to connect with alumni for college/career mentoring and classroom speaking opportunities.

The directory is now searchable and sortable to better serve our students, faculty, and alums.

For log-in information, alumni should opt-in to participate in the Directory via the form below. After your information is received, you will be issued a password.  Faculty & Current Students – Please contact the Development Office for log-in information. 

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  • Please indicate your willingness to participate in any of the following to enhance our College Counseling Program during COVID restrictions and beyond.
  • Carlisle School is excited to link alumni who are willing to share knowledge of their field through a virtual field trip or an on-campus visit with subject areas and classrooms. Please check all that apply for your career field.
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