Faculty and Staff

Carlisle Faculty

  • Susan Aaron, Director of College Counseling/Upper School English Instructor
    B.S. in Education, Magna Cum Laude – UNCG
    Master of Education and Reading Specialist Certification – The University of Virginia

  • Margaret Burkhart, Kindergarten Teacher
    M.A. – Mary Baldwin College

  • Analisa Cotterill, Grade 2 Teacher
    B.S. – Virginia Tech; M.Ed. – Averett University
  • Mancino Craighead, Director of Athletics, Lower School P.E. Teacher
    B.A. – Virginia State University; M.S. – Liberty University

  • Tanya Crehan, Upper School Teacher
    B.S. – Liberty University

  • Judy Dashoff, Middle & Upper School Art Teacher, Fine Arts Department Chair
    B.F.A. – Boston University

  • Damian DydynMiddle School Teacher
    B.A. – Central Connecticut State University

  • Lindsay FaveroUpper School Director; Upper School Spanish Teacher
    B.A. – Lenoir-Rhyne University; M.Ed. – Radford University
  • Beth Gammons, Middle School Director, Upper School Math Teacher
    B.S. and M.Ed. – Averett University

  • Linda Gibson, Middle and Upper School History Teacher, History Department Chair
    B.A. – Wake Forest University

  • Sarah Ginter, Upper School Science Teacher
    B.S. – Christopher Newport University; M.S. – Clemson University

  • Tracy Guebert, Librarian
    B.S. – MacMurray College; M.S.L.S. – Wayne State University

  • Amanda Hartman, Grade 5 Teacher
    M.A. – Liberty University

  • William Inman, Lower School P.E. Teacher/Coach
    B.S. – Averett University

  • Lori Jones, Grade 1 Teacher
    B.A. – James Madison University

  • Rhonda Kangas, Pre-K3 & Pre-K4 Aide

  • Joanna Keyser, Middle School Math Teacher; Math Department Chair
    B.S. – Radford University

  • Rhonda Lord, Upper School Spanish Teacher
    B.S. – Bob Jones University

  • Lorelei Maney, Upper School History Teacher
    B.A., M.A., C.Phil – University of California, San Diego

  • Teresa Martin, Pre-K4 Teacher
    B.A. – Longwood University

  • Greg Morrison ’02, Upper School English Teacher
    B.A. – William & Mary; M.A. – Hollins University
    Gregory returned to Carlisle School in 2013 to teach Upper School English and several electives. He has a B.A. in Anthropology from William & Mary, and he earned his Master’s Degree in English from Hollins University. Gregory has also written for many publications, including the Los Angeles Review of Books. He hopes to give students the same experience that he had during his time at Carlisle: a small community where teachers were free to help students find their own passions.

  • Sherry Moschler, Lower School Art Teacher; Pre-K3 Teacher
    B.A. – Averett University

  • Meredith Nicoletti, Middle School English Teacher
    B.A. – Averett University

  • Toni Nuckols, Grade 4 Teacher
    B.S. – Radford University

  • Dean Randall, Upper School Math Teacher 
    B.S. – Radford University; M.S – Radford University; E.D.S. – Virginia Tech

  • Shannon Reynolds, Upper School Teacher
    B.S. – Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

  • Christy Richardson, Upper School Science Teacher
    B.S. – University of Florida

  • Hillary Robinson, Middle School Science Teacher
    B.S. – Averett University

  • Monica Rogers, Lower School Spanish Teacher
    Leadership Certificate – United States Navy

  • Lisa Seiy, Upper School Technology Teacher; Technology Department Head
    B.S. – Averett University; M.Ed – University of Virginia

  • Debra Sullivan, Grade 3 Teacher
    B.A. – University of North Carolina; M.E. – University of Massachusetts; Ed.S – Capella University

  • Paige Swanson, Grade 2 Teacher
    B.A. – Averett University

  • Casey Thompson, Grade 5 Teacher
    M.A. – Radford University

  • Christina Tisdale, Guidance Counselor; Guidance Department Chair
    B.A. – James Madison University; M.Ed – University of Virginia

  • Beth Toms, Grade 4 Teacher
    B.S. and M.A. – Radford University

  • Jordan Turner, Kindergarten Teacher
    B.S. – Averett University

  • Laura Walker, Grade 3 Teacher
    M.Ed. Averett University

  • Paula Warner, Middle School Computer Science Teacher; Curriculum Projects Manager
    B.A. – Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts; B.S. – University of Rhode Island

  • Sheana Wingfield, Grade 1 Teacher
    B.S. – Radford University

  • Anne Young, Lower School Music Teacher & Play Director; Middle School Drama Teacher
    B.S. – Virginia Tech

School Staff & Administration
  • Gracie Agnew, Head of School
    B.A. – Winston-Salem State University; M.A. – Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Sandy Bailey, Director of Admissions
  • Jennifer Doss, Director of Development
    B.S. – Longwood University
  • Melinda East-Brightwell, Upper School Administrative Assistant; Registrar
    B.A., M.B.A. – Averett University
  • April Hodges, Lower School Office Assistant
  • Michelle George, Nurse, L.P.N.
    A.A.S. – Patrick Henry Community College
  • Sarah Marshall, Lunchroom Manager
    B.A. – Regis University
  • Neal MeyerLower School Director
    B.A. – Lenoir-Rhyne University
  • Eddie NealDirector of Institutional Technology
    A.A.S. – Danville Community College
  • Amy Parikh, Director of Finance
    B.S. – University of West Georgia
  • Robin SpencerMiddle School Administrative Assistant
    A.S. – Patrick Henry Community College
  • Barbara WaldronDirector of Human Resources; Executive Assistant
    B.B.A. – Averett University