Lower School Summer Math Assignment 2019/20

Lower School Summer Math Assignment

In a continuing effort to improve student math proficiency, the lower school faculty and administration are continuing the summer math program. This is a required assignment, and a grade will be given for the completion of this material. This required program is for rising students in grades 2-5 to assist students with maintaining their memory of math facts and to afford them practice in basic math skills during the summer months. Each student will be recognized for achievement at the beginning of the new school year.

Guidelines for participating in the program are listed below:

  • Purchase the appropriate workbook from Creative Teaching Press at $16.99. It can be purchased online at www.creativeteaching.com or by calling 1-800-287-8879.
  • Rising second graders should purchase First Grade Math Minutes.
  • Rising third graders should purchase Second Grade Math Minutes.
  • Rising fourth graders should purchase Third Grade Math Minutes.
  • Rising fifth graders should purchase Fourth Grade Math Minutes.
  • When a student completes a page, the parent should score it and enter the score in the “Minute Journal” which is in the front of the book.
  • When computation is necessary, the student should show their work in the workbook by the problem.
  • Although each activity is designed to take approximately one minute, students should complete the activity taking whatever time is needed.
  • When the student completes the entire workbook, the parent should sign their name under the student’s name on the “Minute Journal” page.
  • Students will be on their honor to do their own work, but they can ask questions for clarification.
  • The student will bring his/her workbook to school on the first school day for the 2019-2020 school year. The teacher will check the workbook for completion and record the student’s name for recognition of completion of this book at a Flag Ceremony in September.
  • The book will be checked for completion and a grade will be given for completion. This is a required assignment. If you have any questions about this summer math program, please give me a phone call or contact me via email at nmeyer@carlisleschool.org.