A Final Word

Two purposes for my final post of the school year: a report and a plea. First, the report:

For the third year, Carlisle School has been at work on the strategic plan we released in the fall of 2014. Below you will find a list of things we worked on during 2016-17 that moved us closer toward our strategic goals. The Board will consider a updating of the plan this summer.

  • Added a teacher for drama and chorus.
  • Structured planning time for Collaboration Week in MS.
  • Determined to hire a technology curriculum specialist when resources allow.
  • Continued to enhance senior projects and explore ways to expand the program to other grade levels.
  • Participated in Chick-fil-A Leader Academy.
  • Encouraged Carlisle student participation on the Harvest Youth Board.
  • Instituted Home Run Heroes to get families involved.
  • Published alumni newsletter three times and reached out to alums via social media.
  • Recruited new leadership for Martinsville Parent Association.
  • Received gifts to the Carlisle Foundation totaling more than $600k; accepted several large gifts from donors outside our school community.
  • Determined to develop a new set of marketing materials in 2017-18.
  • Held schoolwide parent socials, planned by the Parent Associations. Held mutual 5th grade activities every month. Martinsville students attended Ag Day in Danville.
  • Enrolled students from Serbia, Ecuador, Spain. HOS visited China twice to recruit and to try to institute a dual-diploma program in Shenzhen.
  • Formed a standing Board Strategic Planning Committee, which is working on reassessing strategic goals.

Thank you for your support as we continue to pursue excellence in all we do.


Now, the plea:
As you have heard me say on numerous occasions, YOUR positive comments to friends, neighbors, and family provide our best marketing. Please make it a priority to introduce at least one family to our admissions office this summer. If every family currently enrolled would do that one thing, we would maintain the critical mass of students necessary to provide a first-rate college preparatory education.

Have a great summer!

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