An Open Letter to the Carlisle Family

One of our seniors submitted this as part of an activity being completed by the students in Carlisle’s Chick-fil-A Leader Academy. His words speak so eloquently about what makes this school special that I asked him if I could share them in this space.

Dear Carlisle Family,

My name is Caleb and I am a member of the Class of 2017. I have attended Carlisle since I was three years old, so I know all about the unparalleled sense of community and togetherness found at Carlisle. But in the past fifteen years, that feeling has never been more apparent to me than it was last week. Last week was my final homecoming week at Carlisle and it was also the most amazing week of my school experience. The dress up days, the homecoming games, the dance, the pep rally. Each moment since we started the countdown to homecoming on the first day of school will be a treasured memory that will last a lifetime.

I speak for myself and I think my entire senior class when I say that we could not have asked for a better final homecoming week. We owe it all to the entire Carlisle community. We are so grateful for such an amazing experience.

Thank you to Mr. Hudgins and the entire administration for bearing with us during this hectic week. Thank you to all of the teachers who were right there with us during the crazy competitions. Thank you to all of the parents who helped with the festivities like breakfasts and tailgates. Thank you to Coach Craighead and Coach Lochrie for bringing the entire school together on Friday morning. Thank you to our wonderful judges. Thank you to Mrs. Gammons and Mrs. Meyer and the entire Blue team for all of their amazing school spirit.

As seniors, we owe a special thanks our Gold team. To the underclassmen: watching you all at the pep rally from our “prison cell”, we were so excited to see the spirit you showed. It was really special to see the support and the “hype” you brought with you. Thank you for all of your participation and energy. Thank you to the SCA and Mrs. Crehan for all the efforts you gave all week, ending with an amazing homecoming dance on Saturday night. And of course, the biggest thank you goes to Mr. Dallas, who really does look better in Gold.

Even though the Gold team came away victorious, the most important aspect of the pep rally has always been when the Blue and Gold teams come together as the Blue and Gold team, the Carlisle family.

This weekend, I have gone through all of the pictures and videos hundreds of times. The smile still has not left my face. I know that I will keep these special memories with me forever. Carlisle really is my family.

Finally, to my senior classmates: I love you all. Our final year is off to the best start imaginable and it’s only September. I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

Caleb Tisdale

1, 2, 3, CHIEFS
4, 5, 6, FAMILY

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