And Down the Stretch They Come . . .

Before we all go our separate ways for the summer, I would like to direct everyone’s attention to a few items of interest.

*****Last year about this time, we reported to the school community on the progress of our strategic goals as set forth in the 2014 plan document, Developing Learners, Graduating Leaders. It is time to review our accomplishments during Year 2. Please click here to read about Carlisle’s movement forward in 2015-16. Thank you for your support along the way.

*****National surveys indicate that one of the main reasons parents choose independent schools for their children is that they believe their children are safe there. We at Carlisle School work hard to create policies and facilities that protect our students and teachers from foreseeable threats. That said, we are always looking for ways to improve what we do. This spring, we commissioned American Security Services to assess thoroughly our campus and practices. The resulting 70-page report is now in our hands, and a committee of trustees, administrators, and parents will soon start reviewing it to set priorities.

*****You might be interested, as I was, to learn that Martinsville City spends slightly more to educate a child than we do at Carlisle. The fact that we can so efficiently provide the opportunities and product that make us, according to Niche, the fifteenth best private day high school in Virginia, should be a source of considerable pride to our school community.

*****Next week, I will provide in this space information about an exciting addition to the learning and teaching capabilities of our Frith Library. Stay tuned!

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