Visual Arts

Lower School Art

  • Preschool-Kindergarten: Students are introduced to the basic elements of art such as line, shape and color through sensory based projects. They will learn through observation, experimentation and self-discovery. They will explore their creativity with materials such as markers, pencil, finger paints, crayons, paper, found objects, tempera paints and watercolors.
  • First-Third Grade: The students will expand their technical skills and knowledge of art as it applies to the elements of art and how to properly use specific art mediums. Students will gain appreciation for art as they learn about art history and art specific to cultures throughout the world.  They will explore their creativity with materials such as crayons, tempera paints, found objects, cut paper, pencils, clay, markers and watercolors. They will create two and three dimensional works of art.
  • Fourth-Fifth Grade: The students will continue to expand their technical skills and knowledge of art as it applies to the elements of art, how to use specific art mediums, and art history.  They will be encouraged to discuss their ideas and opinions, problem solve, and learn how to formulate strategies while creating more challenging pieces of art individually and collaboratively. They will continue to gain an appreciation for art and will be able to express their thoughts and opinions with each other as it relates to their own artwork and art created by other people.  They will create two and three dimensional works of art with materials such as wood, paper, glue, acrylic paint, markers, colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolors, tempera paints, chalk and clay.

Middle School Art

Art is offered as an elective for grades 6-8. Students are exposed to a variety of artistic mediums and techniques, learning to use art as a creative means of expression. Students also study famous works of art, and the importance of art in other cultures. An Art Club is also available for students to join, which consists of group collaborative projects that are typically displayed throughout the Middle School.

Upper School Art

Studio Art is a skill-building course designed to meet the needs of each individual student. The objective is to encourage each student to master a variety of techniques using different artistic media.

  • First year students begin with gesture and contour drawing.
  • Students progress to negative space and perspective drawing.
  • Students learn about rendering, value, light, form and texture and are required to apply these techniques in still life and landscape drawings.
  • Students experiment with acrylic paint and learn how to mix colors and apply paint to canvas.
  • After the first year the course is more individualized and tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of each student. This allows for free expression and formation of a unique creative style.
  • More creativity is stressed as the student masters the basic techniques and concepts.
  • Students interested in pursuing a college level artistic education have the opportunity to develop a portfolio suitable for college entrance requirements.
  • Middle and Upper School students’ work is exhibited at Piedmont Arts each year, and occasionally at the Martinsville Hospital. Upper School students have the opportunity to participate in workshops at Piedmont Arts, and benefit from instruction by visiting artists from The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Lower School Art Teacher: Sherry Moschler

Sherry Moschler has been teaching at Carlisle since 2004. She is a 1994-graduate of Averett University with a B.A. in Art and K-12 teaching certification. “Art is a vital key to unlocking creativity and imagination,” says Moschler. “Through Art, we can express our feelings, dreams and uniqueness in a way that is unlike any other. Art is truly a window to the soul!”

Middle & Upper School Art Teacher: Judy Dashoff

Judy Dashoff graduated with a bachelor of fine arts from Boston University.