College Counseling

The founders of Carlisle School shared a vision of education that culminated in its graduates entering colleges and universities prepared for the academic and personal challenges they would encounter. Today, we continue to offer a dynamic educational experience that provides students with the necessary skills to be successful in institutions of higher education across the country.

One of the most important culminating experiences for students is the college planning and application process. At Carlisle, all students are accepted into four-year colleges and universities. In keeping with this expectation, the school provides a comprehensive college counseling program that begins well in advance of the senior year. Some of the preliminary activities include

  • Practice tests for the SAT and ACT beginning in 9th grade
  • Seminars about the college counseling process beginning in 9th grade
  • Attendance at a local college fair for juniors and seniors, and on-campus visits from college representatives frequently throughout the year

Our college counselor works closely with each student in his college search process. Individual meetings with students and parents during the second semester of junior year and first semester of senior year allow our college counselor to get to know students well and ensure they have all the resources they need to be able to choose a college best suited to their goals and abilities. Much assistance is given to students seeking scholarships as well; the class of 2013 earned almost $3 million in scholarship funds.

For more information about college counseling at Carlisle School, please contact Susan Aaron through email or at 276-632-7288 x230.