Get To Know: Samantha Wilds

Samantha_WildsName: Samantha Wilds

Title/Courses Taught: 5th Grade Language Arts/4th & 5th Grade Science Teacher

Year I Started Teaching: 2010, but I’ve been in working in classrooms since I was 15 and old enough to start work.

Year I Started at Carlisle: 2011

Education: B.A. in Elementary Education and a M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction/Science Education

Family: Married to Kameron Wilds (Pastor of Smith Memorial UMC) since 2011. We have 2 awesome kiddos – our spunky son Alexander Michael (2 years old) and our 2-month old infant daughter Ellinor (Ellie) Warren

Pets: One full-of-life Cocker Spaniel named Midas

Interests/Hobbies: Church activities; photography;  camping, hiking and canoeing with family; and curling up with a good book.

Teaching Approach/Philosophy: Every student is painting their own canvas as they learn. We teachers are part of that painting process. It’s our role to provide all the materials necessary to make sure each student has what he or she needs to succeed at their own painting. At the end of the day, success looks different for everyone. It’s our job to figure out where students need to be and then give them the tools that will help them get to that point. When students are successful, they are proud of what they have accomplished and know where they are headed next. I think it is also important that students know the “why” behind what they are learning. They should be able to answer the questions “Why am I learning this right now? and “How can I apply this knowledge to my life or in the future?”

Favorite Parts of Teaching: