Get To Know: Amanda Luffman

amanda-luffmanName: Amanda Luffman

Title: Fourth and Fifth Grade Teacher at Carlisle’s Danville Campus

Year I Started Teaching: 2009

Education: Master of Arts in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Family: I live happily with the love of my life and have a beautiful five-year-old son.

Interests/Hobbies: Reading, Kayaking, anything by the water

Teaching Approach/Philosophy: I hope to create a stimulating classroom environment, where students know mistakes will happen, and these can be used as opportunities for improvement. I believe all children deserve to learn in a classroom where they are treated with love and respect, while having many opportunities to express themselves as well as utilize their unique learning styles.

Favorite Part of Teaching: I love the rapport built with students and seeing the laughter and fun we have carry over outside of the classroom.

What I Hope My Students Learn: I hope my students learn that above all else, always treat others with kindness, for people will love remember you based on how you treated them.