10th Grade daVinci Projects

Our 10th grade just completed their daVinci Projects, in which they were tasked with completing a design cycle to create a project of their choice. For about four months the students worked on design research, concept ideation, prototyping, problem solving and innovation. Shannon Reynolds, the faculty supervisor for the project, said “they did an amazing job. I was beyond proud of all their hard work.” She added that the project “had helped them understand that through diligence and dedication, anything is possible.”

daVinci Projects

Peter Truong: Carlisle SubReddit
Clare Parker: Care Packages for Nursing Homes
Aidan Lawrence: Three-Song Suite
Alyssa Jones: Song Composition
Richard Lester: Portable Handicap Ramp
Heidi Reynolds: Crocheted Scarf
Will Clark: Duck Blind
Kaylee Brady: Photography/Poetry Collection
Tyler Nuckols: Gun Restoration
Wes Seiy: Forge
Vincent Nicoletti: Oil Can Guitar
Sean Arroyo: Foundry
Sara Reynolds: Concentration with Music Experiment
Susan Lester: Blanket Fundraiser
Jacob Adkins: Bird House
Yana Edelen: Class Video Time Capsule
Tory Pike: Multi-age Coloring Book
Parker Nichols: Soccer Goals
Taylor Roberts: Fishing Bait
Krutik Nigam: Children’s Book on Theory of Relativity
Jenny Zhang: Pop and Chinese Traditional Dance Videos
Laura Painter: EEG Machine
Zach Keys: Business Cannon Marketing Website
Bay Twilla: Home Design
Brian Hill: Rabbit Trap