Student Life

Field Trips
The Lower School experience is rich with activities beyond the classroom. The students participate in a variety of field trip opportunities throughout their Lower School experience. Day trips include visits to a local pumpkin patch, The Virginia Safari Park, Virginia Natural Bridge and Luray Caverns, and the Chapel Hill Morehead Planetarium. Overnight field trip destinations include Williamsburg, Charlottesville, and Richmond.

World Language
Students in grades preschool through fifth grade receive instruction in Spanish.

Physical Education
Students in grades Pre-Kindergarten – fifth grade participate in a 30-minute physical education class daily. Students in first grade have the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons.

Students in grades levels 1-5 participate in their own drama/musical production each year.

In the lower school, students participate in weekly music classes which focus on musical awareness, sensitivity, vocal development, and fine motor skill. They learn to play recorders, read notes and feel rhythms.

Fourth and fifth grade students have the opportunity to participate in band or creative movement.

Visual Arts
The visual arts serve a unique purpose in the educational development of each student. Classes strive to encourage and nurture each child’s natural creativity and curiosity. Through age-level appropriate art activities, students become more aware of their surroundings and develop stronger critical thinking skills. Classes use a variety of media, such as acrylics, crayon, pastels and clay, to refine individual styles. Hands-on instruction, integrated with proper art terms and tools, serves to explain each project and its purpose. The early introduction of art history helps the students understand how the arts have played a dramatic role in cultural development and history. Students emerge with a deeper overall appreciation of the arts, past and present.