We invite our families to partner with Carlisle Lower School as we guide our students to “stand out, step up, and lead”. The lower division experience begins when a child turns two years old and continues through fifth grade. When families make a commitment to their child’s education and school experience, it is almost always a defining moment. Parents watch as their preschool child, who has been fascinated with pretend play, water colors and puzzles, now explore with the building blocks of learning. Their open-minded child is eager to climb the stepping-stones of the fundamental concepts of language, math, science, and humanities with a special emphasis on the arts and technology.

Carlisle School embraces a philosophy of intellectual growth, enthusiasm for learning, creativity, innovation, and leadership development through project based learning. We hire exemplary teachers who customize learning for each student. When highly qualified teachers, motivated students, and committed parents work together as partners they foster lifelong learning which the goal is for every child.

The Lower School experience is rich with activities beyond the classroom. The students participate in a variety of field trip opportunities throughout their Lower School experience. The curriculum is supplemented with instruction in the foreign language, technology, art, drama, creative movement, music, band, library, research, guidance and physical education. A science laboratory and computer laboratory are available to students in grades K-5. Carlisle teachers engage students through the integration of technology.

Looking through the window into any lower division classrooms, you will see real world learning taking place with teachers actively facilitating the learning process to ensure that every child achieves their personal best every day. Students are actively asking questions, inquiring, discussing, exploring and experimenting. Teachers and students will be working together in pairs, small groups, large groups, and individually. All areas of study will be connected through planners, themes and big ideas so students will be able to make sense of what they are learning. Student created work will be displayed throughout the classroom. The vibrant classrooms are safe and nurturing spaces that promote self-expression, vigorous learning and lively conversation.

Neal Meyer
Lower School Director