Thanks for the Feedback

Many thanks to the 146 of you who took the time to complete our “Parent Report Card Survey” in January. We received some very helpful feedback. For the record, 78% of the completed surveys came from parents of students on the Martinsville campus, and the remaining 22% came from parents of students who attend our Danville campus. Interestingly, survey responses were divided almost equally among the three divisions.

When we tabulated answers, we found that a strong majority our parents are enthusiastic about most aspects of their children’s experience at Carlisle. I would like to share a few items that have drawn our attention.

Most notably, almost a quarter of respondents expressed some level of concern about the condition and upkeep of our facilities both in Martinsville and Danville. I would appreciate hearing suggestions on how and where you think we can improve. E-mail would be easiest for me to catalog and track, so please feel free to send comments and suggestions to me at

Additionally, there was enough “mixed” response to questions about communication to parents, especially at the Middle and Upper School level, that we will be redoubling our efforts to make sure you get all the information you need from us as we partner with you to guide the Carlisle students through these years.

Thanks especially to those of you who took the time to answer the open-ended questions. While no consistent theme emerged, respondents shared a catalog of intriguing ideas, many of which will find their way into our discussions as we plan for the future.

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