This morning, during our daily tour of television talk shows and social media, my wife and I encountered a story claiming that the profession that makes workers happiest is that of being a school principal. While some days are tougher than others, I would confess that more often than not I am happier then a 60-year-old has any right to be.

I think that is because, everywhere I look on this campus, I see reason for inspiration. Most of my colleagues at Carlisle love what they do and are excited to be here everyday. The support our parents provide — this past weekend’s auction being a prime example — makes us want to work harder. But, as you might imagine, it’s the students who fill my days with wonder.

This morning I served as a panelist for today’s round of eighth grade forum presentations. My role was to ask incisive questions at the end of each presentation, so during each talk, I should have been listening and analyzing in an effort to prepare such a question. Unfortunately, I got so caught up in listening to well-researched information about World War I that several of the talks ended before I had had a chance to devise a question. The research, the organization, the writing, the speech — all aspects superbly executed through a project designed to build students’ skill and confidence in critical areas. I had to remind myself during every talk that I was listening to 14-year-olds. Truly, I was flabbergasted at the mastery and poise they exhibited. I left the auditorium this morning feeling proud and exhilarated to be working at a place that could draw such excellence from young people.

I wonder what will move me tomorrow morning when I visit the Danville campus? The really rewarding part of this job is that I never wake up wondering “if” I will be inspired on a given day . . . only “how.”

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